Give all your primary schools access to over 640 singing games & musical activities from £5.00 per school...

Each singing game & musical activity comes with a song notation / explanation sheet as well as a DEMONSTRATION VIDEO!

Check out the video below to see what what you'll get!!

“Easy access for every teacher in your area with one username & password”

The 8 Singing Games Books Below Are Part Of The Membership!

A Music Service Membership from £5.00 per school...

With an Active Music Pick 'n' Mix membership you can give every school in your area easy access to over 640 singing games & musical activities.

The cost for a Music Service Membership is £10 per school per year!

However, if you commit to a 3-year membership you only pay £5.00 per school per year!

These prices are based on the number of all the primary schools in your area.

I LOVE Active Music Pick 'n' Mix  and my kids at school love it as well!   I love how accessible it is for myself as well as showing to my students on the whiteboard.  And then I can break down the steps to teach them properly.  The students beg for these games the moment they walk into class. We are having so much fun!

Give all your schools access...

If you are interested in giving all your primary schools to Active Music Pick 'n' Mix please send an email to

Please let us know if you would like to sign up for a 1-year (£10 per school) or 3-year (£5.00 per school per year) membership.


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