4 – 11 YEAR OLDS

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‘I cannot believe how much we are enjoying these games. I think the thing I like best is how simple they are. I have not tried anything the kids did not love. I play the video and then we try it. I love how much it helps to watch the kids on the videos. My children often get up and start trying it on their own. I think I could just leave these for a sub! Sometimes I show the video, and then I ask the kids to give me directions. I am a regular classroom teacher who has been moved to music. I wish I had this four years ago! I love how the activities build on each other as well as teach so many skills’.

‘I have been really enjoying teaching the playground style songs. I use them as warm ups for my class lessons from yr 1-6. They all love them! To see your children perform the songs on the computer has been a really valuable tool, especially in the week I lost my voice!
My kiddos were wild this week, but once I started the games, they were all focused and having fun.
I can’t say enough good things about this. At the end of one game, a child who had not originally wanted to participate, had the happiest smile I had ever seen on him!! A big hit. I found that the students were very excited to do something new! I loved it and they loved it! Can’t wait to try more with them! Thank you for introducing these games to us!’

‘I LOVE my active music resource and my kids at school love it as well!   I love how accessible it is for myself as well as showing to my students on the whiteboard.  And then I can break down the steps to teach them properly.  The students beg for these games the moment they walk into class. We are having so much fun! Thanks for sharing these videos here. I forgot about all of the singing games I played as a kid until I saw these. I just took them for granted growing up, but I see that students don’t do this at all or much anymore, and we need to bring it back into their lives.’

‘It was great using Active Music and having access to such a fantastic variety and range of singing games. The videos of other children playing the games were brilliant both for helping to choose which to use, and for demonstrating how it works, during the teaching. To have suggested ideas for development and instrumental ideas too makes it such a great resource. The children thought the games were great and were very motivated at all ages to join in, often continuing to sing them as they left the session too! Thank you very much indeed.’